Travel Packs

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  • 5-Wash Travel Pack – 3 Pack


    Scent free and biodegradable


    This shipment includes:

    • three 5-wash travel packs (15-wash total)

    Don’t travel without your Puretergent in easy-to-use travel packs.

    Each 5-Wash Travel Pack includes:

    • 2 Fresh (for Dirty Stuff) single-use packs
    • 2 Calm (for Colors) single-use packs
    • 1 Gentle (for Sensitive Skin) single-use pack

    Certified by Ecologo, the highest sustainability standard

    Contains only bio-benign ingredients:

    Water, proprietary surfactant, laurel glucoside, tetra-sodium iminodi-succinate. sodium polyaspartate, herbal extracts

    Does not contain:
    Phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), APEs. optical brighteners, SLS, gluten, coconut, palm or nut oils, dyes, preservatives, chlorine, animal products, or synthetic fragrance