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Puretergent Stories Video: Jonathan

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We have started a new series of videos, Puretergent Stories, asking the people who love Puretergent to share their own reasons why. This first installment comes from our dear friend Jonathan, who had been searching for a better way to do laundry.

20% off Sale for Earth Day

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We have finally gotten the hiccups and burps out of the online ordering machine. That means we can get soap from our store to your door within a few days. Pop on over and check out our cool TSA compliant travel packs too. No one is making travel laundry soap, so we thought I’d take care of that for you.

Also we are having a 20% off sale this weekend to celebrate Earth Day. We love clean laundry, and we love a clean planet.

At the check out screen enter coupon code: pure_earth2013

Feb. 25, 2013 New Natural Laundry Soap Debuts with PCC Natural Market Co-ops

By | Press Release

Designer liquid laundry soap, “Puretergent,” announces retail debut in Seattle; in-store demos slated throughout March


Oakland, Cali – February 25, 2013: Puretergent, a natural laundry soap formulated to love your fabrics and your skin while providing maximum stain fighting punch, debuts this week in PCC Natural Markets, with nine locations in the Greater Seattle area.

Puretergent leaves clothes clean and soft without the sticky residue of conventional detergents, and is packaged in an ergonomic pouch containing one-eighth of the plastic of other liquid laundry soap containers.

Julia Fry, a former fashion designer and life-long lover of fabrics, is the founder and CEO of Puretergent, based in Oakland, Calif. Fry worked as a designer in the fashion industry in New York City and San Francisco for 20 years.

“Fashion designers write the care instructions for every garment. You’re always thinking about laundry, collection after collection,” Julia says. “I was always dismayed that fabrics that started off nice and soft came out of the washing machine super stiff and crunchy from chemical residue left behind by conventional detergents.”

Fry, who thinks we should clean clothes in the same way we care for our skin and hair, got obsessed with creating a natural laundry soap that rinsed free, and that delivered on stain fighting performance while protecting clothes from harsh chemicals and scents.

Each of Puretergent’s 50-wash pouches is comparably priced to, and outperforms, other detergents on most stains. While each of Puretergent’s three formulations smell great during the wash cycle, the scents don’t linger.

The bright blue, “Fresh” pouch of Puretergent tackles grimy kitchen stains, stinky gym clothes, and is the ‘everyday laundress,’ the purple formula, “Calm,” keeps colors vibrant; and the yellow “Gentle” pouch is for delicates, baby’s clothes and linens.

In-store demonstrations at PCC are scheduled for March 2013; visit www.puretergent.com for more information.

Editor’s note: Product samples and additional Puretergent images available upon request.


About Puretergent

Puretergent is a natural liquid laundry soap packaged in a friendly ergonomic pouch.  Fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, Puretergent contains botanical compounds, plant-based conditioners, natural degreasing agents and essential oils. Puretergent rinses clean, leaving behind none of the chemical-soap residue of conventional laundry detergents that can dull colors, ravage fabrics and cause skin irritation. Available in three formulations — calm, fresh and gentle — Puretergent comes in 50 ounce, environmentally-friendly pouches that contain eight times less plastic than most detergent bottles. Puretergent was created by Julia Fry, a former fashion designer in New York and San Francisco. With Puretergent, clothes feel softer, last longer and look better.  Visit www.puretergent.com for more information.

Media Contact:
Julia Fry, President of Puretergent, Inc.
Email: julia@puretergent.com
Phone: 510.843.2583

Online Shopping Coming Soon

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That’s right, here at Puretergent HQ we are working out the knots and cleaning the lint out of our online order fulfillment machine in hopes that we will be able to bring it to life by the 18th.

Keep an eye out for ‘Buy Now’ options on the website, along with some pretty new imagery.

Puretergent debuts at PCC Natural Market Co-ops, View in Store Demo Calendar

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PCC Natural Markets (Seattle, WA) – Puretergent Demo Schedule – March 2013

Happy Healthy Laundry is Easy

Get to know Puretergent while you shop at one of the country’s most respected co-ops! See, smell, and feel the benefits of Puretergent, and enjoy free, take-home samples:

Date                            Time               Location

Saturday, March 2                11-3               Fremont
Sunday, March 3                 11-3               Edmonds
Sunday, March 3                   3-7                Greenlake
Sunday, March 3                  11-3               Kirkland
Friday, March 8                      3-7                Redmond
Saturday, March 9               11-2               West Seattle
Saturday, March 9              11-2               Issaquah
Saturday, March 9              3:30-6:30       Seward Park
Saturday, March 9               3:30-6:30       View Ridge
Friday, March 15                  3-7                 Edmonds
Friday, March 15                  11-2               Issaquah
Saturday, March 16            11-2               Fremont
Saturday, March 16             11-2               Kirkland
Saturday, March 16             3-7                 Redmond
Saturday, March 16             3-7                 Greenlake
Sunday, March 17                11-3               View Ridge
Saturday, March 23             11-3               Seward Park
Sunday, March 24             11-3               West Seattle


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