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Great News! Puretergent products have been awarded UL ECOLOGO Certification.


Developed for careful deep cleaning, leaving fabrics naturally fresh to last longer and look better. Our biodegradable soaps protect your sensitive skin, and soften without softeners or dryer sheets. The formulas smell lightly herbaeous during the wash cycle but leave no scent behind. It’s great for workout wear, your favorite jeans, baby clothes, pet bedding, silks, wool, and cashmere. Great looking laundry is easy with our color-coded system: whites & dirty stuff, colors, or extra sensitive.

Why Use Our Products?

Softens Without Softeners


Verified by independent lab testing, our hypoallergenic laundry soap is perfect for anyone with skin allergies, chemical sensitivities or sensitive skin. Tested on humans, not animals.

biodegradable & greywater safe

All our products are biodegradable and greywater safe. The wash effluents won’t harm septic systems,  plants or marine life.

non toxic

Our non-toxic laundry soap excludes chlorine, phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates, alcohol, dyes, optical brighteners, animal products and EPA priority pollutants.

high efficiency

Our high efficiency (HE) laundry soap is non-foaming and designed for high efficiency (HE) and standard top loading machines. Do 50 loads with our handy one-ounce cap.

textile preservation

Created to protect beautiful fabrics, our laundry formulas clean without damaging the clothes you love.

soft without softeners

Our natural laundry soap rinses clean and leaves fabrics soft, eliminating the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

I love that it’s great for kids and people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Sarah White | Managing Editor, California Home Design

Puretergent really helps make my Comme Des Garcons and 99 cent store garb look, feel, and smell equally breathtaking.

Camay Villanueva | Editor-in-Chief, Reflekt Magazine

A laundry detergent that’s actually exciting!

It smells fresh but not sweet, works really well (it's high efficiency) and the packaging is chic and sustainable.

Alex Apatoff | Style News Editor,

The best thing about Puretergent? It excludes chlorine, phosphates, nonylphenol, alcohol, dyes, optical brighteners, animal products, and EPA priority pollutants so you can rest easy in your freshly laundered jammies.

If I could hand-wash clothes in a running spring using local goats milk soap, I would, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. The next best thing? Puretergent.

Sean Santiago |