Our formula is as safe for the earth as it is for your fabrics. Purtergent waste water effluent is healthy and happy – no plants or fish or frogs are harmed by the water coming out from your machine. Our formula plays beautifully with grey-water systems. We don’t use any thickeners or fillers, which means that the water that goes into your machine comes out perfectly safe and biodegradable.  Happiness.

Puretergent is a plastic intervention. Our packaging is easier to ship, which means fewer emissions. Never again that hollow sound of sadness – the thud of an empty plastic jug hitting the recycling bin. Only 28% of the plastic we use gets recycled and the rest ends up in landfill or worse, floating in the giant plastic island in the pacific.

We believe that laundry can be easy, and with puretergent it can be. We also believe that creating a product that can be sustainable should be easy, and with puretergent we have. Join us, life is easier here.