When do you notice the puretergent feeling?

From the very first load! It’s an extraordinary softness you can feel. Created by a fashion designer, puretergent’s light transparent formula cleans without stripping and weakening fabrics. Clothes look refreshed and you feel great. Take that, chemicals.


What makes puretergent different?

puretergent’s innovative formulas are biodegradable, rinse clean and leave fabric soft, fluffy and smelling cotton-fresh. For fragrance-lovers, your laundry room fills up with beautiful spa aromas. For fragrance-phobes, once clothes are out of the wash, they’re scent-free. It’s pure genius.


Wash out stains, not style.

puretergent is a phosphate-free detergent that takes your laundry to the next level–protect your fabrics so skin can breath again. Get softer, cleaner, laundry without toxins or excess packaging. We make whites whiter, keep clothes bright and won’t bother you with synthetic perfumes.


Packaged Pretty and Smart

Our natural laundry soap is in a fun-to-use pouch that reduces packaging by 75% compared to the average plastic jug. We’re an HE detergent, and you can do 50 loads with our handy one-ounce cap.







Contains botanical surfactants, plant based conditioners, natural degreasing agents, plant extracts, water



High Quality

Excludes chlorine, phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates, alcohol, dyes, optical brighteners, animal products and EPA priority pollutants



Naturally Softer

Eliminate the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets



High Efficiency

Designed for high efficiency (HE) machines, and are non-foaming, biodegradable and grey water safe




Gentle with aloe vera is a laundry detergent for sensitive skin. It reminds you that woolens don’t have to be scratchy, and those cotton onesies can be as soft as they were when new.



Calm with lavender essential oil protects colors and keeps them vibrant. Use Calm with favorite sports jerseys, black t-shirts or leggings, new cardigans and sweaters and jeans.


Fresh with eucalyptus essential oil makes tough laundry easy. Use Fresh for white fabrics, smelly gym clothes, kitchen towels and kids clothes. Fresh is the super stain remover.


No Fake Smells. No Fake Feeling. Try Puretergent

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